About Us

The Origin of the Southern Sierra Prescribed Fire Council

Our council was born out of the common interest to increase the use of prescribed fire and continue to meet other challenges of implementation of prescribed fire by providing an open dialog between agencies, regulators, tribes, and the public. The Sierra Nevada is a very unique landscape. It is home to the largest network of uninterrupted public lands, which make it a great opportunity for inter-agency collaboration for achieve fire management goals. 

In 2011, The California Fire Science Consortium and Sierra Forest Legacy started to discuss the need for doing some outreach on prescribed fire. The Boulder Creek Restoration Project was the catalyst for these discussions (Rx Fire in the Sierra) because it is the largest planned prescribed fire in the Sierra to date. This is a big deal! We sought out the expertise of The Nature Conservancy, Jeremy Bailey and Mary Huffman, and through our conversations we came to the conclusion that there was a need for a prescribed fire council. We recruited fire managers, air quality specialists, and fire researchers to host a Fire and Smoke Symposium. From the Symposium, we concluded that there was true need and desire from those who live and work in the Southern Sierra Nevada to develop a prescribed fire council. And off we went! 

We are pleased to introduce you to our Steering Committee and Advisory Board. Without their dedication and thoughtfulness the formation of this council would not have been possible. 

Steering Committee - Our steering committee is a diverse group of stakeholders from federal, state, private, NGOs, universities, and tribal representatives. 

John Mount, ChairCentral Sierra Historical Museum

Chris Mallek, Vice ChairFormer Helitack Crew Member, Yosemite National Park

Jared Dahl Aldern, Ph.D. EPA Manager, Cold Springs Rancheria

Pamela Flick, California Representative, Defenders of Wildlife

Michael Esposito, Fire Ecologist, Southern California Edison

Len Nielson, Cal Fire Division Chief
David Brinfield, Bureau of Land Management

Susie Kocher, University California Cooperative Extension

Craig Thomas, Sierra Forest Legacy

Rich Bagley, Southern California Edison

Tim Kline, Co-Founder 

Advisory Committee - Additional members that have provided support for the formation of the Southern Sierra Prescribed Fire Council and those we continue engagement with for direction and expertise in their fields.                                                        

Lenya Quinn-Davidson, Executive Director, Northern California Prescribed Fire Council

Trent Procter, Air Quality Program Manager, Pacific Southwest Region 5

Daniel Martinez, Supervising Air Quality Inspector, San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District

Jon Becknell, Air Quality Specialist II, Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District

Jim Roehl, Senior Air Pollution Control District, Tuolumne County Air Pollution Control District

Jeremy Bailey, Fire Training & Network Coordinator, Salt Lake City, UT, The Nature Conservancy 

Robin Wills, Region Fire Ecologist Pacific West Region, National Park Service

Carolyn Ballard, District FMO, High Sierra Ranger District - Sierra National Forest

Becky Estes, Central Sierra Province Ecologist, USDA Forest Service

Dirk Charley, Tribal Relations Program Manager, USDA Forest Service

Sue Britting, Executive Director, Sierra Forest Legacy

John Cielnicky, Fire Management Specialist, Sierra National Forest

Ron Goode, North Mono Tribe